Martial Arts Classes in Woodstock, Canton, and Holly Springs, GA

A world-class training system, incredible instructors, competitive opportunities, and great locations are some of the reasons why you should join a Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of Georgia academy. We currently have thousands of students across the state and we’re adding more everyday.

Our Woodstock GA and Holly Springs GA Martial Arts Programs

Kids & Teen Martial Arts

We offer programs for pre-school, elementary, middle, and early high school students. These Tiger-Cub, Junior, and Teen Programs feature martial arts and life skills lessons designed for each age group.

The Tiger-Rock advantage means that your child builds so many positive character traits at Tiger-Rock and increases physical ability too! Tiger-Rock Martial Arts physically and mentally challenges each student to become the best all-around person they can be, through skill-building in martial arts.


Physical Development

Fitness: Our programs teach a variety of martial arts concepts and maneuvers. Grappling, striking, and strength training are all involved in the learning process, helping students become healthy and develop physically. Kids of all ages develop stamina, balance, agility, coordination, and cardiovascular fitness through our martial arts classes. 

Conflict Resolution and Bullying Prevention: Another more physical component of Tiger-Rock martial arts is learning self-defense techniques to decrease bullying incidents. The main theory is always that verbal conflict resolution is the best method for solving a problem! Thus, our Kids Program teaches other bullying deflection techniques such as confident body language, awareness of surroundings, and walking away when appropriate.


Mental Development

Social Skills: Learning to connect with others through communication, eye contact, politeness, and conversation is something Tiger-Rock strives for. Through effective and assertive communication, kids of all ages experience the success of being able to make new friends with the common ground of martial arts. Another necessary component of a successful Martial Arts class is cooperation and teamwork amongst participants and with instructors. We’re all in this together, and we hope your child will enjoy being a part of our family! 

Discipline and Responsibility: All ages practice discipline by attending classes regularly and focusing during classes. Intense focus is required for the practice and performance of the intricate maneuvers taught in Tiger-Rock classes. They’ll love how it feels to master a maneuver due to their application of discipline and practice! All ages develop in responsibility through making their own decisions without authority, along with the accountability of their choices during our classes. 

Self-Esteem and Confidence: Practicing self-care and respect for others are important concepts in martial arts. All ages can benefit from the empowerment that comes from learning self-defense (both verbally and physically) and intuition development. Confidence is also built through competitions, by moving up in belts, and completing difficult and new maneuvers. Your child learns to feel comfortable in his/her own skin!

Adult Martial Arts

Transform yourself in ways you could never imagine with our incredible training system for adults that combines martial arts and physical fitness.

Physical Benefits

Fat Burning and Fitness: Keeping weight off and getting a fantastic aerobic workout will never be easier than a martial arts class at Tiger-Rock! Shake up your same old boring gym routine or simply add some physical activity to your life with our adult classes. You’ll get a full-body strength and cardio workout that is a ton of fun! 

Improved Health: Studies have shown that coordination, balance, reflexes, and agility all improve as you practice Martial Arts. Increase your overall circulation with a high energy output class and walk away invigorated and healthier!

Mental Benefits

Stress Relief: There’s just nothing better for stress relief than sparring with a partner and completing high-energy practice drills in Martial Arts. Get your endorphins flowing and release all those anti-stress hormones during your practice. You’ll breathe a sigh of relief as you feel our tension easing away. 

Safety: Tiger-Rock martial arts classes increase your ability to defend yourself. Our adult courses focus on conflict resolution, communication, and assertiveness along with the skills of how to defend yourself if necessary. Our courses leave you feeling safer and more confident in your own abilities!

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