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Have you found yourself searching “martial arts classes near me”? Would you or your child benefit from a physical and mental practice? Bowen’s Tiger-Rock offers all that and is proud to serve the great state of Georgia, providing stellar martial arts classes for all ages. If you live in the areas surrounding Canton, Heritage Place, Hickory Flats, Holly Springs, Kellogg Creek, Kennesaw, Oak Grove Estates, Sixes, Towne Lake, Woodstock, or Woodwind Station, give us a call today! Bowen’s Tiger-Rock continually strives to provide exceptional experiences for our students and we have built an unrivaled reputation through consistent and dependable martial arts instruction


Why Choose Bowen’s Tiger-Rock Location?

To start with, the nearest martial arts gym nearby is sure to Bowen’s Tiger-Rock! We strive to provide opportunities for our students in Georgia to become the very best versions of themselves through life skills training and physical development. If you’re searching for a fun way to instill confidence, discipline, cooperation, and dedication in your child or yourself, Tiger-Rock martial arts is the answer! Bowen’s Tiger-Rock instructors utilize our expertise to develop the physical and mental components that create a well-rounded person. Together, our Tiger-Rock family practices positive life skills and a variety of martial arts. 


Physical Evolution

Bowen’s Tiger-Rock provides everything a student will need to become the best version of themselves, inside and out.


Martial Arts Programs

With a ton of classes to choose from, taught by expert instructors, students have a number of opportunities for martial arts courses in Georgia. All classes are specifically designed to be age-specific and developmentally appropriate in order to best meet the needs of our students. Our team utilizes all the latest techniques, equipment, and tools to encourage our students to succeed. 


Taekwondo Training

Bowen’s Tiger-Rock is your solution for stress relief, physical activity, mental resilience, and confidence (plus much more!). The guiding principles of taekwondo include integrity, courtesy, perseverance, and self-control which makes this martial art a dream for parents! Come and enjoy the importance of Taekwondo for your life at Tiger-Rock today! 


Self-Defense Classes

Searching for self-defense classes nearby for yourself or your child? We provide Georgia’s best self-defense courses. The best self-defense schools in Georgia teach conflict resolution, only defending oneself physically if necessary. Our team of experts teach self-defense techniques for teens, basic self-defense for kids, self-defense classes for women, and any other self-defense needs you may have! 


Competitions & Advancement Opportunities

Bowen’s Tiger-Rock students are involved in martial arts competitions consistently throughout the year, pushing them to assess strengths, experience success, and build confidence. Competitions are beneficial, as they guide future instruction and provide feedback for students on where they can improve and what future goals to set. Students also are provided frequent opportunities to move up in belts. 


Life Skills Training & Mental Evolution 

Bowen’s Tiger-Rock advantage is that students of all ages learn healthy emotional, physical, and mental life skills. Tiger-Rock instructors focus on developing well-rounded individuals who positively impact society. We accomplish this at our location in a number of ways.


Confidence Building & Discipline

Students build confidence, discipline, and focus by following through with commitments, successful goal setting, movement through the belts, and mastering maneuvers. 


Communication & Social Skills

Students learn how to effectively communicate when working with partners or instructors. Listening skills, conflict resolution, and positive social interactions are all part of the Tiger-Rock experience.


A Family Atmosphere

Teamwork and cooperation is a key element of martial arts classes. Everyone participates and we build relationships upon the common ground of martial arts. We welcome all to the family!



Plain and simple, Martial Arts is enjoyable for all ages! Come and see for yourself that our martial arts classes are exhilarating and challenging!